At Powers, our goal in working with Contractors is to make your life as easy as possible -- whether with a quote, on the job site, or all the way through commissioning and beyond.

We are problem solvers. We don’t just sell products. We’re also great at fixing whatever unexpected issues arise during construction. The more you let us help you with the design process and the proper products needed for the project, the easier your job is going to be.

In a busy construction market, we know you often don’t have much time to put together pricing and get your quote to the general contractor. We have built an estimating team that is second to none in pulling together prices and providing a quote for products, even at the last minute if necessary. You can rely on us to help you make sure your bid will meet the heating, cooling, and ventilation needs of the project. Again, we want to make your job as easy as possible.

Once we get the information we need from you for a project, we go to work on load calculations to determine the heating and cooling needs. All calculations are done to ASHRAE standards. We then put together a list of the specific products needed to fit the project design.

We represent a wide range of HVAC manufacturers, and our list is continually expanding. This depth of product lines and options means we can provide you with all the equipment, air distribution, controls, and test and balance services you need in one package. This can save you from having to juggle multiple suppliers for all of the different types of HVAC products required for the project. With Powers, you only need to work with one company.

Sometimes when an owner can’t get a project to fit inside the available budget, the owner, architects, engineers, contractors, and suppliers all lose out. We hate to see that happen. Our estimators are skilled at looking at the specifics of a project and offering ideas on ways to bring costs down. Often there are alternate products and install methods that will save money and still accomplish the intent of the designers and engineers.

Got a project you want help with? Contact us with your project details, and we’ll get you a quote as fast as you need it.

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