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What is controls service? The first critical item is providing the expertise for routine maintenance of the customer’s Building Automation Controls Systems (BACS). The second part is providing the expertise to diagnosis and repair issues to the BACS in a timely fashion to get the system back up and running as designed.

Routine service is extremely valuable to keeping your system running at peak performance and prolongs the life of your HVAC equipment. Scheduled service provides system checks, component function verification, program reviews and software updates for enhancements and security updates. For those times where issues arise with the customer’s BACS, our Controls service group has the experience and training to inspect, diagnose, maintain, and repair all major control systems and keep them operating effectively and efficiently. The Powers Controls Service Team is available 24/7 for emergency service.

At Powers, we embrace integration with all controls systems and equipment manufacturers. We can “talk” to most any system. Using the solutions for Siemens and other manufacturers, we can integrate a building's HVAC, lighting, laboratory, critical environment, power, and hundreds of third-party systems. With this one-source integration along with our Master System Integrators (MSI), we can maximize the flexibility of your building.

From time to time you may notice that your HVAC system is not operating as expected. This could be a comfort issue for the building occupants or equipment that is not running when it should be. Through your BACS, Powers determines the true issue related to the system concerns to help determine if it is related to a failed control part or an equipment related issue. Often this can be done remotely to help expedite the repair process.

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For more information about our controls service, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 877-274-7127 and ask for the following:

  • Central Arkansas – Mark Hays
  • Northwest Arkansas – Blake McCullough
  • Northwest Arkansas – Todd McCullough
  • Oklahoma – Ron McCarty
  • Gulf Coast (LA, MS, AL) – Troy Abell

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