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Existing building HVAC systems need replacing when they are damaged, at end of life, repairs become too expensive, use too much energy or just don’t work anymore. Replacing HVAC equipment is a Retrofit Project that requires special skills. These skills include removing equipment from tight spaces, setting equipment in existing spaces all while maintaining the building operation during work hours.

Most Retrofit Projects do not have a set of plans or drawings to go by, so the Retrofit Projects team must know what they are doing. They must see the whole picture as well as every detail. Our goal at Powers is that occupants never notice the work being done and stay comfortable while we upgrade and update the HVAC systems.

When your HVAC equipment needs replacing due to age, issues, repairs, energy, or changes in the building operations, our Retrofit Projects team is ready to go into action. We will do a thorough inspection and evaluation of the project and present a plan along with budget, potential energy rebates and timeline. We will consider all aspects of the project along with you to ensure no interruption the current operations of the building.

If you are already using Powers to service your HVAC equipment, our Mechanical Service team will proactively give you budgets and timetables for replacement of equipment. If we are not currently providing your service, just call us for a free evaluation.

For more information about our retrofit projects, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 877-274-7127 and ask for the following:

  • Central Arkansas – Josh Brockinton and David Squires
  • Northwest Arkansas – Charlie Thomas and Chase Ransom
  • South Arkansas – Jeromy Sullivent and David Squires
  • Northeast Arkansas – Roger Traynom and David Squires
  • Oklahoma – Craig Wallis

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