Going the Extra Mile

At Powers our motto is “Creating Customers for Life,” and we strive for our customers to be satisfied and confident in us. We are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers, but what does that really entail? What if we told you, it involved saving a job, saving a contract, and a driving over 1,500 miles?

That’s what happened when Powers Parts Manager, Josh Ward, received a phone call from a customer in Georgia checking on the status of an order that was placed nine days prior. Ward discovered that a previous employee had never actually placed the order, and the customer stated in desperation that he MUST have this part, or the contract would be terminated and that could cost him his job. The countdown was on.

Mr. Ward immediately contacted the manufacturer, AAON, to get the part ordered for overnight shipping. The part ended up getting stuck at a freight hub in Memphis, Tennessee, which meant it would not be delivered until three days later due to the weekend. Knowing if the part was delayed any longer the customer would be in trouble, Mr. Ward reached out to AAON again and confirmed another part was in stock. He quickly jumped in his truck and drove directly from North Little Rock, Arkansas to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to pick up the part.

After picking up the part, Mr. Ward trekked all the way to Atlanta, Georgia, to deliver it to the customer in person to ensure they would be able to install the part and complete the job on time. At Powers, we are always willing to go the “extra mile” to ensure our customers trust us and know we will get the job done.

Creating Customers for Life

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