How to Supervise Your Boiler Plant with Remote Monitoring

Staffing the boiler plant and ensuring operations are safe, efficient, and operating properly is an age-old problem, and one that a hospital client of ours recently encountered. Luckily, by using a combination of people, technology, and a solid Standard Operating Procedure Powers can solve this headache.

Working with the hospital Facilities Director, Powers developed an innovative solution to alleviate this issue. First, we listened to what the Facilities Director wanted. One issue was manpower. Having a person sitting around waiting on an alarm is not always the best use of hospital staff. Having one “alarm station” is less than adequate to ensure redundancy. When an alarm arises, action needs to be taken and quickly, so we went to work solving the puzzle to deliver a better way of monitoring the boiler system through remote monitoring.

Using the Siemens Building Automation and Controls system with the Siemens PXC Modular Controller reporting to the Siemens Desigo CC software, Powers set the boiler plant to be monitored 24/7. Key information, known as points, were established by the team (Powers and hospital).

But how to make sure the alarms are heard, seen, and reported? Powers accomplished this by setting up vocal, visual and remote electronic generated alarm messages directed to key people within the hospital who respond to boiler alarms. Once installed and tested, the State Boiler Inspector was called in to review, test and approve the remote monitoring.

The State Boiler Inspector put the Remote Monitoring system to the test. He watched as the boilers were triggered into alarm situations then witnessed the Siemens Controls system generate each of the ways alarms come to the operators: vocal, visual, and remote-generated alarm messages. The inspector was very impressed with the details the Remote Monitoring system provides and the levels of notification. Powers had demonstrated a system that the inspector had never seen or done before and he liked it. Approved.

The monitoring of points and the operation of the Remote Monitoring system proved to be just what the Facilities Director envisioned. Powers listened first, then delivered. The inspector approved and now the hospital has a better way of monitoring and alarming the Boiler Plant with the added benefit of using their staff more efficiently.

What unique problem are you trying to solve? We love to listen to what you need and then help you solve the puzzle. When it comes to boilers, or any HVAC system, Powers is your puzzle solver. Contact us today!

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