Keeping It Cool with a Quantech Chiller

What do you do when your chiller needs major repairs to keep it going and summer is fast approaching? And what if that chiller serves a critical area like a server room, the heartbeat of the business? Our customer needed their chiller for this critical server room operational and to be so quickly.

Working with the customer we immediately did an analysis of the situation. Do you pour more money into repairs? Or could your dollars be better spent to replace the chiller with new technology that is more efficient? Do you make repairs on a chiller at the end of its useful life and hope to get a few more years out of it or start with a new chiller? How long will major repairs take versus getting a new chiller installed and operating? Our customer was worried that the lead time on the new chiller would be too long to beat the heat. They needed answers and quickly.

Good questions with good answers.

Powers quickly worked with the customer to determine the best solution. A new chiller was the way to go for several reasons. Foremost, speed. Powers had a great solution for him because we are able purchase almost any size air cooled chiller from Quantech, a JCI company, and receive it in less than week with a two-day install. (Usually the industry standad for delivery is 8-12 weeks plus more for installation).

The customer’s problems were solved. They were able to take the costs of the major repairs and apply those monies to a new chiller that is more efficient and at the beginning of its useful life rather than keep an old chiller at the end of its useful life which would need replacing soon anyway. With Powers ability to get a Quantech chiller in a week through our Powers HVAC Equipment team and our Powers Retrofit Projects team ability to get the chiller installed in two days, the race to beat the heat and avoid business issues in the server room was easily achieved. Most importantly, the customer was happy with the results.

At Powers, we are problem solvers. We look to provide our customers with the whole analysis, ask the questions, and find the best solution to meet deadlines and spend our customers money wisely. Just another way Powers is creating customers for life.

You can watch a video of the install from one of our technicians here.

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