Largest Energy Savings Project in Arkansas

Powers is proud to be part of the largest energy savings project in Arkansas to create a new electrical generator plan for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). We are working with CDI general contractors, Bernhard, and other partners under an Energy Performance Contract which includes the construction of this generator plant, providing 100% back-up power for the entire campus.

While our name is Powers, and this project is an electrical power generator plant, our forte is Building HVAC, Controls and Service. "Powers" comes from Powers Regulator company, one of the first companies to create and produce controls for HVAC equipment.

In this project Powers is providing the Siemens Building Automation and Control System. This includes control of the HVAC systems, Yaskawa variable frequency drives for 40 Loren Cook ventilation fans and an AAON air conditioner for the occupied portion of the plant. Powers is also providing integration with the fuel oil systems, DEF systems, air compressors and generators. With all of the equipment, HVAC, Power Generation and Support Systems integrated to the Siemens Desigo CC System, a “live graphical operating conditions” display is available to UAMS.

The Siemens Desigo CC system provides live data in a graphical format including building floor plans, flow diagrams, tables, trends, and alarms. The data is discovered through the high-speed Ethernet integration to the third-party systems plus the Siemens Building Automation points, allowing transfer of large packets of information and enabling the graphics to display information in real time. The data available to UAMS provides invaluable information to keep the plant running without interruption and maintaining contractual service agreements with Entergy without the risk of penalty.

Check out this video from CDI to see the progress made on this project so far.

The East Generator Plant is only one piece of the Energy Performance Contract. Other components include:

  • Campus Siemens Building Automation System (BAS) upgrades, including replacement of the remaining JCI on campus, retrofits to pneumatic systems to DDC, and energy savings logic programming upgrades
  • Campus Metering upgrades and associated BAS graphics, monitoring and trending
  • Campus Electrical upgrades with meter integration
  • Campus Emergency Power Upgrades, including BAS integration
  • Chiller Plant Upgrades
  • Boiler and Heating Plant Upgrades
  • Campus District Chilled Water and Heating Water Entry Upgrades
  • AHU Replacements for Outpatient Services Building
  • Campus Lab Upgrades

At Powers, we can handle any project, even the largest Energy Savings Project in Arkansas. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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