Villa Maria Retirement Home

The Villa Maria Retirement Home had an aging two pipe fan coil system that was failing and needed to upgrade the plant and provide new chilled water and hot water riser throughout the facility. An Engineer called Powers looking for an affordable solution to the retirement home's problems. 

We surveyed the 12-story building and brought in a local mechanical contractor to assist with the design and scope of work. Powers developed the control drawings and sequence of operations for the project and put together a phased approach for the engineer, that would allow the owner to accomplish their goals over time. Additionally, the facility replaced the chillers and boilers as well as the fan coil units.

The facility had no control system, so Powers did a demonstration of Desigo CC and showed the facility how it could be used to assist with remote monitoring. We installed a new DDC control system to control the central plant and make up air units in the facility. The new Desigo graphics workstation is equipped with remote notification software that notifies maintenance if the plant starts to have problems. Maintenance personnel were trained on the new system as well as the new plant equipment.

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