Winter Weather Causes Waterline Break

When extreme winter weather caused a waterline to break in the parking deck at Armor Bank in Little Rock, Ark., and the plumbing vendor wasn't able to respond, Powers got the call instead. On-call Mechanical Service Tech Josh Cox and our Vice-President of Service David Squires took on the challenge of seeing what they could do to help.

Once on site, the Powers team found the main shut-off valve out at the road and isolated the water line to stop the leak and made preparations for the repair. The team split up to gather the necessary materials to perform the repair, but the roads were so covered with snow that it was hard to navigate to and from the job site. Fifteen inches of snow for Arkansas is a major event -- as are the single digits on the thermometer that accompanied this unique “snowmageddon.”

After the team obtained the necessary materials to fix the problem, they made it back to the building, repaired the leak and looked to reestablish flow. Once the repair was finished, they went through the building to inspect for any water leaks and to ensure the job was complete. Mission accomplished.

The adverse winter weather added a challenge to this particular service call. Blizzards in Arkansas create all kinds of issues -- from navigating through thick blankets of snow, to finding parts stores that are open, to working in frigid temperatures. It was those freezing temps that caused the problem with the frozen pipes in the first place.

So, why did the customer call Powers, an HVAC company, when the plumber couldn’t get there? Because they know Powers does whatever it takes to help our customers. They depend on us for their HVAC needs, and they knew from experience that we would do everything we could to help in an emergency and to get the job done, no matter the circumstances. It is part of the Powers DNA to never give up and demonstrates how we strive to create customers for life!

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