Heating up “Snowmageddon 2021”

A Powers customer had been nursing along an older boiler in their office building during the week of the “Snowmageddon 2021” when it appeared more active measures would be needed to keep it going. He had been getting updated information at his home through the Siemens Building Automation System. Toward the end of a snowy day, the boiler finally gave out. It was old and frozen and just wouldn’t stay online. The call to Powers went out, and by 5:30 that evening Powers was on site addressing the issues.

A Powers Boiler Service team made up of Boiler Service Manager Jon Williams and Boiler Service Technician Chris Koscielny made quick work of getting the boiler to fire up again. It started, cycled, and seemed to be working fine. Meanwhile, Customer Account Manager John Eichler was watching the system through the Siemens Building Automation System from his home.

As the Powers team on site visited with the building manager about the operation of the boiler and potential issues, John noticed that the hot water temperature was not keeping up and alerted the Powers on-site team. Back into the cold and snow they went, as the boiler was located outside in the frigid elements. Upon further diagnosis, they determined the controller, which had been encased in a block of ice earlier, had finally failed.

It was 8:00 in the evening on a cold winter night. How were they going to get another controller? Powers Parts to the rescue. Josh Ward in Powers Parts, who had been delivering parts to Powers service techs all day in the snow, called around and found a parts store that had the controller and could allow us to get one that night. Just one catch -- the parts store afterhours man could not get to the parts store because of the road conditions, 15" of snow.

No problem for the Powers team. Jon Williams and Alan Hope picked him up and drove him to the parts store. The needed controller was found and purchased, then they retraced their route to his home and then on to the customer’s office.

Once back at the office, Jon and Chris installed the new controller, checked everything in the boiler, then fired it up. BAM! As in everything worked great. The boiler was running and maintaining hot water temperature. John watched the system from his home while the on-site team thawed out for 30 minutes just to make sure the fix was good to go. By 9:30 that evening the customer’s building was coming back up to temperature and all was well. Hot water!

At Powers we work as a team to get the job done. Whether on-site or over the internet, by day or by night, hot or cold (really cold). Powers does whatever it takes to create customers for life!

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