Replacement of Water Chillers at Simmons Tower

Due to rising energy costs, HVAC systems must perform more efficiently. With 25-year-old inefficient chillers and progressively higher costs to maintain the chillers, it became apparent to the management of the Simmons Tower that it was time to replace them.

Project: Water Chiller Replacement and Controls
Facility: Simmons Tower, Little Rock, AR

The Details:

  • Installation of SMARDT oil-less, magnetic-bearing water chillers, including one 350-ton and two 500-ton chillers, in the 740,000 square foot office tower.
  • Upgrade of the Siemens controls system serving the chiller plant
  • Retrofit of the tower water system for variable tower water flow
  • Staging of replacement chillers to maintain service to the building during the project
  • Project duration: five months
  • Total Cost: $1,004,000
  • Energy Savings: 2,552,000 kWh per year
  • Dollar Savings: $200,000 per year
  • Total Rebates: $426,377
  • Simple payback: less than three years
  • Winner of the ACEC Engineering Excellence Award, Large Category for Energy

Flake & Kelley Commercial came to Powers to develop a plan to replace 1,350 tons of cooling capacity with the lowest first-cost and highest efficiency possible. Powers met the challenge by selecting and installing chillers that fit the space, matched the existing pumping capacity and electrical services, and were the least disruptive to the building structure and access during installation. Powers also assisted Flake & Kelley in working with the local utility to obtain a rebate of $426,377 based on the energy savings of the new chillers.

"When faced with a large capital outlay to replace old, inefficient chillers, we turned to Powers. Powers had the complete team approach, technical expertise, Siemens controls, SMARDT chillers, energy analysis, and a commitment to get it done right. Look at the result. Incredible!"
 - Hank Kelley, CEO and Partner, Flake & Kelley Commercial, Little Rock

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